What will my Faraday Planner do for me, and what exactly do you mean by financial planning?

Faraday Financial Planners use a six step process inspired by the Institute of Financial Planning which is designed to optimise your chances of achieving.

  • An income you can’t outlive
  • Freedom from financial worries
  • and a meaningful legacy for your loved ones

Your first step is a no obligation Discovery Meeting which is entirely at Faraday’s expense. By the end of that meeting, both you and your planner will know if the Faraday method is for you.

By step six you’ll have all of your financial affairs properly organised and available for your inspection whenever you wish. Your planner’s job will then be to keep you on track by minimising all the wealth destroyers which will inevitably be coming your way.

What qualities can I expect from my Faraday Planner?

Your Faraday Planner will be an experienced member of the Institute of Financial Planning and a lateral thinker who understands the importance of being a good listener.

Whenever possible he or she will be within 10 years of your age.